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​​Lack of Transfer Pricing Service Line

Why make use of our firm as sub-contractor?

Services providers who do not have a transfer pricing service line but have an existing or potential client base requiring transfer pricing services may find themselves in a difficult situation due to the following:

  • there may not be sufficient transfer pricing expertise within the firm to assist the client's;
  • the services required by the client/s may not warrant the training of internal staff or the employment of a transfer pricing specialist;
  • the licensing of the databases required to be used in support of pricing or margins is expensive and require skilled and experienced users;
  • the referral of the services to a competitor may result in such client being lost to such competitor in terms of other services provided by the referring firm;
  • if the transfer pricing services are not offered by the firm and cannot be referred then the client is forced to make use of another competitor providing the same range of other services, potentially resulting in the client moving all of its service requirements to the competitor.   


Service providers such as accounting, law or other consulting firms encountering the problems set out above would be looking for a solution in terms of not requiring the training or employment of skilled staff, the use of an expensive database or having to refer the client to a competitor.

Our firm has been established to fulfill this role and is perfectly positioned to do so due to the following:

  • We exclusively provide transfer pricing services, no other services, and are therefore not a competitor to any referring firm;
  • We have 19 years experience of providing transfer pricing services, including executive staff having been part of the transfer pricing teams at PWC and KPMG;
  • We have an extensive list of referring firms, ranging from smaller to large accounting, law and other consulting firms;
  • We have the experience of having worked with a large number of multinationals in all kinds of industries and on every aspect of transfer pricing;
  • The details of both the referring firm and its client/s for which we provide the services are treated as highly confidential; 
  • Since we do not provide other services we are not burdened by conflict checks and other regulatory formalities of the larger service providers, resulting in assignments requiring less time to be completed;
  • Due to optimal use of technology and significantly lower overheads than most competitors we are able to offer very competitive pricing without compromising on quality;
  • For service providers charging fees in strong currencies such as USD, GBP or Euro and having clients in Africa or other jurisdictions following the OECD Guidelines there is the added benefit of the weak South African Rand, resulting in even lower fee charges in USD, GBP or Euro terms should we be engaged as sub-contractor.