Client services

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Our client services specifically include:

  • The drafting of full transfer pricing reports. Where the nature of the cross border connected party transactions are not too complex we can discuss for certain parts of the report to be prepared by the client under our guidance. We would then assist with the technical sections of the report, preparation of database benchmarking studies as well as a review of the final transfer pricing document; 

  • Drafting of BEPS Country-by-Country reports, local file documentation and master file documentation;  

  • Updating of transfer pricing documentation. Database benchmarking studies in transfer pricing documentation generally require updating after a three year period for the comparable companies in the study to remain comparable;

  • Conducting transfer pricing risk reviews;

  • Database benchmarking studies and reports in support of affected transactions; 

  • Database benchmarking studies in support of the pricing of intangibles, e.g. royalties, licence fees and franchise fees;     

  • Review of management and other service fee calculation and allocation methods, database benchmarking studies in support of the mark-up applied to the cost base of the services provided as well as the drafting of management services agreements.